More natural zombies

Guys!  Guess what?  Remember how I told you about how common zombies are in nature?  NPR (National Public Radio, the American version of the BBC) was just reporting on the zombie problems in Washington, DC this summer.  Here’s the link. Also, this entomologist telling the story, Dr. Mike Raupp from the University of Maryland, is […]

Skinny dipping and snakes: things that do not mix well

Enough of the sappy stuff…cute animals, lovey dovey romance, nature poems…nothing wrong with those things, mind you, but it’s high time for another harrowing adventure! Okay, not so harrowing, but it does involve a dangerously venomous snake, the red-bellied black snake.  It is not the deadliest of snakes, but it does have neurotoxic, myotoxic venom […]

Buying thyme

This is a little non sequitur for my blog, given that it is not really a story or poem about nature.  I do hope you will forgive my little self-indulgences.  You will?  Oh, thank you. I was shopping for groceries the other day, supplementing my forage foods (which are getting sparse this time of year) […]

Animal Innovation: the clever cormorant

Animals can be clever sometimes (just maybe not skunks).  There are plenty of examples of animals that do pretty darn well for themselves by taking advantage of humans.  Here’s a fun example. I’ll set the scene for you.  Imagine yourself in the Sunshine State of Australia: Queensland.  That’s nice, isn’t it?  Anyway, you’re on an […]