Boot shots (aka I wish I could make a pun about “Das Boot” here)

I’m allergic to photographs of myself.  It’s true, when I see a camera pointed at me, I often have a violent allergic reaction and have to remove myself from the proximity of the camera for the near future.  This has resulted in a number of photographs of my friends with their arms around the open air, a biking photograph with everyone standing next to their bicycle and…my bicycle standing by itself, and a lab photo with one empty chair, etc.

I could go into the reasons behind this allergy, but that’s not the point of this post.  The point is that my feet are not allergic to photos (or anything that I know of, given that I run barefoot), and so one of my favorite things to do is take what I fondly call “boot shots”.  Essentially, a photograph of my foot, in a boot (very loosely applied, often) in an interesting location.  The purpose of this is not only to prove that I was in the numerous locations I mention in my stories, but also to give some context for the site.  I don’t really know when or why I started doing this, and goodness knows I haven’t been consistent about it, so there are many mountains that I have climbed that you will just have to take my word for (remember, Scout’s honor!).

But I thought I’d keep a running (pun intended!) gallery here of boot shots for your (potential?) enjoyment.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Mount Maroon, Queensland, Australia


Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Fire Tower, Spruce Gap, Pennsylvania, USA

With my sister's boot and the Andes mountains, Iguaque, Colombia

Spelunking down a 60 meter hole, near Villa de Leyva, Colombia


Lady Slipper orchid in Black Moshannon State Park, Pennyslvania, USA

Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia


With a very tolerant friend, Laurel Run, Pennsylvania, USA

Same friend, less patience, Golden Eagle, Pennsylvania, USA


Walsh's Pyramid, Queensland, Australia


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