A less humble bee: the Orchid Bees

[Ed: See my new post about my own experience with these bees when I visited Costa Rica here.] The Euglossini is a monophyletic (originating only once) clade (group) of Neotropical (New World Tropics) solitary bees (are you sick of parenthetical statements yet?).  Members of the honeybee family, they are some of the most beautiful bee […]

Hope is the thing with feathers, by Emily Dickinson

Oh Emily…I have such mixed feelings about Emily Dickinson’s poetry.  Some of it is fantastic and some of it is real crap.  But what else could you expect?  She didn’t want to publish her work.  I suppose in the Twitter era, people are expected to publish every little thought but…well, what do you think about […]

The Dance of the Rain, by Eugéne Marais

With the beats and rhythms of Africa comes this little poem: The dance of the rain (The song of Jan Konterdans) Oh, the dance of our Sister! First, over the hilltop she peeps stealthily and her eyes are shy and she laughs softly From afar she begs with her one hand her wrist-bands shimmering and […]