Why are your poems so dark?, by Linda Pastan

Why Are Your Poems So Dark? Isn’t the moon dark too, most of the time? And doesn’t the white page seem unfinished without the dark stain of alphabets? When God demanded light, he didn’t banish darkness. Instead he invented ebony and crows and that small mole on your left cheekbone. Or did you mean to […]

Holiday card data is in!

I meant this to be a Friday silliness thing, so you can consider it belated. I have always firmly believed that there is a point at which geekiness becomes so geeky that it surpasses some arbitrary awesomeness threshold.  I hope this meets that standard. If you’re not up to speed, I sent about fifty holiday […]

Estacion Biologica Campanario

So I told you a little about the biological station up in the cloud forest near San Ramon.  Today, let me take you from the clouds to the coast, from mountain to lowland, from cloud forest to rainforest, from one paradise to another: to Campanario. La estacion biologica Campanario is situated on a remote part […]

These trees have crabs!

I’m sorry for the title of today’s post.  I really am.  But remember this post about flowers with crabs?  When I was in Costa Rica, I found arboreal crustaceans, Mangrove tree crabs. Yeah, I couldn’t help myself.  Cute little guys, aren’t they? We were so surprised to see the first few ones, but as we […]

Holiday cards: silly cartoons

This is tangential, do you mind indulging me?  Would you like to see some of the cartoons I did for holiday cards this year?  Oh dear, I’m being very silly.  Well, that’s what Fridays are for, right? I drew maybe fifty cards, and sent them around the world (to 7 different countries).  The total distance […]