To leech his own

One particularly fine evening in a wet sclerophyll forest up on the Atherton Tablelands, we went searching for gliders.  We hiked out to an enormous Eucalyptus resinifera, dry leaves crunching under our boots as the sun was setting.  Just at dusk, we gathered at the base of the tree.  Our professor told us to stand […]

All’s Fair

A bit of fun writing for Friday.  🙂 It was a bright and beautiful morning in early September (early in the summer) in Western Australia.  Charlie was a good looking Aussie and, like other good looking Aussies his age, he was out searching for a romantic interest.  Of course, there were some ways in which […]

Floral Resources: Appealing to your pollinators

I think that Colony Collapse Disorder really brought a lot of attention to pollination services, at least in the US, where it is a “hot topic”.  It’s hardly a concern in Australia.  What about the UK?  I don’t know how bees are doing there right now. In any case, as honeybee populations collapse around the […]

An Old Man’s Winter Night, by Robert Frost

An Old Man’s Winter Night All out of doors looked darkly in at him Through the thin frost, almost in separate stars, That gathers on the pane in empty rooms. What kept his eyes from giving back the gaze Was the lamp tilted near them in his hand. What kept him from remembering what it […]