In Comayagua, it always rains at 4:32

Comayagua is a departmento in central Honduras, about a wild hour and a half drive north of the capital, Tegucigalpa. Because it is tropical, the weather is very predictable.  Sun up by 5am, sun set by 7pm, rain every day at 4:32 pm. By rain, I mean bullets of water pelleting out of the sky, […]

Common Scents

I have mixed feelings about mowing the lawn.  You may not think twice about it, you may in fact consider it a mildly tedious occasional chore.  As usual, I think way too hard about it. I am required to keep the grass shorter than 14 cm (~6 in) by my landlord…in fact, it is a […]

South Indian Dosas

I have a most excellent flatmate who is from southern India, specifically Bangalore.  I love learning about her culture, listening to her stories, and spying on her cooking.  She is a genius with spices, including some that I have never heard of, which is significant given my penchant for a heavy hand with the spice […]

Fibonacci rules

That title’s a pun.  I’d say that most of the time, if you have a suspicion, err on the side of pun. I wanted to write about one of the coolest universalities of nature: Fibonacci sequences.  Fibonacci was “the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages,” according to Wikipedia. A Fibonacci sequence always starts […]

Counting-out Rhyme, by Edna St.Vincent Millay

Silver bark of beech, and sallow Bark of yellow birch and yellow Twig of willow. Stripe of green in moosewood maple, Color seen in leaf of apple, Bark of popple. Wood of popple pale as moonbeam, Wood of oak for yoke and barn-beam, Wood of hornbeam. Silver bark of beech, and hollow Stem of elder, […]