How I got my Aboriginal name

And the story of the Bush Stone Curlew’s cry. A while back, I spent a few weeks with an Aboriginal tribe a few hours west of Townsville.  The ecotype was desert scrub (what I like to call “soft outback”), and it was very dry except for a small creek trickling close by.  It was an […]

Thank you to our pollinators

Just a doodle for Friday.  These are all good pollinator plants in the northeastern US (and some associated pollinators).  All real species, are you surprised? From top left to top right: Desmodium canadense (showy tick trefoil), Limenitis arthemis (red-spotted purple), Cassia hebecarpa (American senna), Tradescantia ohiensis (Ohio spiderwort), and Apis mellifera (honeybee) From bottom left […]

Poem war

I recently engaged in a battle of poetry with a friend of mine.  I have found an invasive bee in my area (named Lithurgus chrysurus, it is a pest because it bores through wood) and when I informed him, he insisted that I should find a nest.  I told him that the research farm where […]

Meadowood Native Plant Nursery

Located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, USA, this is one of the few nurseries dedicated entirely to the cultivation of native plants.  Over 430 species of native plants are represented in this small business, run in the owner’s backyard and hidden away in the middle of a decidedly suburban looking neighborhood. I need native perennials for my […]

Are these cute or are they pests?

I found a nest of baby rabbits in my garden. I suppose I have mixed feelings.  I’m not living in Oz right now, so rabbits aren’t a horror-story-nightmare, but they do tend to nibble the lettuce and carrots in my garden.  And by nibble, I mean completely devour. Still, it is difficult to be angry […]

One more taxonomic fallacy: overnaming

I was thinking about the fallacies of taxonomists today because of this study about the “personality types of scientists,” which, according to the study, tend to be “INTJ” using the FFPI.  I hate this kind of pseudoscience.  I don’t think people fall neatly into self-contained categories that are easily expressed in a FLAT (Four Letter […]