Do you know of Cassowaries?  They are lovely, enormous, dinosauric (made that one up) birds on north-eastern Australia.  There are two species (both of which are endangered), but there used to be three.  The third is extinct.  (I told the Aboriginal story about the Cassowary in the sky here, and there is a poem about […]

Hornworm: Autumn Lamentation, by Stanley Kunitz

Hornworm caterpillars are moth larvae of the family Sphingidae (Sphinx moths or Hawk moths). They are a lovely bright green, but they are frequently prey to the parasitoid wasp family Braconidae. The wasps lay their eggs inside the caterpillar, and hatch out into these characteristic cocoons (see picture below). I can’t help but feel sorry […]

Catedral Sal de Zipaquirá

Zipaquirá is a small town north of Bogotá in Colombia. Zipaquirá is mostly a tourist town for Colombians that are making the pilgrimage to la Catedral Sal, or the Salt Cathedral.  Many travel to Zipaquirá by train and although we traveled by bus from Bogotá, we had to get touristy photos in front of it. La […]