Mother’s Day Drawings

Because it’s Friday, here are some silly drawings.

Llama Mama

Foxy mama

Fennec Foxes

Oh dear

Duck, duck, duck


13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Drawings

    • Gosh, why are you so kind? Actually, I was considering asking permission to draw some of your photos if that’s okay. I wouldn’t post them without permission. They’d have to be in colour of course.

      • Kind? I just say it as I see it when I do. No more or less, no why.

        I’d like to see a drawing of one of mine, as long as they are for yourself and not work or business – it’s hard enough squeezing a penny for it without me giving it away, see here : I have had people with $millions for their project but nothing for images ask for freebies, what can I say.

        What were you thinking of? And if you want to post any just link me as the originating artist. So long as nobody is making money off my work, directly or indirectly, I don’t mind their using it personally and without derivatives – any use for what is not intended according to the context of my site, a glimpse of the wonder and beauty, with intimations of the intelligence behind, of the small creatures alive and free. Trusting that’s not too technical, or too much. 🙂

        Oh yes, and a copy/original sent to me sometime if it’s not too much trouble.

      • I read your post and I think it is very fair. You don’t ever have to worry about me selling one! I’m not interested in money at all. I’m a grad student and I live pretty humbly, myself.
        Anyway, I can’t think of anyone who would buy one. I am much more liable to give a drawing away as a gift, if you don’t mind. Although, if you like it, I will give it to you. I haven’t decided which to draw, although I am pretty partial to bees and those cuckoo bees are spectacular. Salticids are pretty awesome too, though. And of course dragonflies are lovely. Any recommendations?

      • Can’t reply above so … I don’t mind you giving them away, one might be nice on my wall some time though. Have a look at the links here if you want to have a look at a slideshow of my posted pix, lo res : POSTED2 – POSTED3 – POSTED4 – POSTED5

        This is one of my best : and if you click the picture in FireFox 11 or 12 it will open bigger on a dark background, good for viewing. But draw what pleases you, as you will, otherwise it’s a lump …

  1. Love these! They would make great cards too! I have some cards of animals kind of like these and wound up loving them so much I framed a couple of them to hang up. 🙂

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