Catedral Sal de Zipaquirá

Zipaquirá is a small town north of Bogotá in Colombia.

It is a pretty little town, even when cloudy.

Another view of the town.

Zipaquirá is mostly a tourist town for Colombians that are making the pilgrimage to la Catedral Sal, or the Salt Cathedral.  Many travel to Zipaquirá by train and although we traveled by bus from Bogotá, we had to get touristy photos in front of it.

My older sister and Felipe, our colombiano friend in front of the train.

La Catedral Sal was originally a salt mine, used even by the pre-Columbus Muisca culture.  In the early 1800’s, it was one of the biggest salt mines in the world.  The original cathedral was built by the miners for their own use, but was unsafe because of structural problems.  It was revamped in the 1990’s.  The mine is no longer active, and the cathedral lacks a bishop (therefore not an official cathedral in the Catholic church), so it is primarily a tourist attraction.

My sister standing at the entrance to the cathedral.

Most of the tourists were Colombians.  I think is a cultural and spiritual trip for them.  The cathedral certainly is a beautiful and mystical place.

One of the smaller inner chapels.

Salt patterns in the walls. This actually might be the ceililng, but I can’t remember.

Felipe under the cross in the main chapel. It is lit from below and throws a cross shadow on the ceiling.  I like the random person standing in the cross, photobombing.

Elaborate and beautiful carvings in the walls.

A simple kneeling block, for praying.


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