Hawk moth beauty

Hawk moths belong to the moth family Sphingidae.  The family is large and known for the superior flying abilities of its members, many of which are capable of hovering, darting, and manoeuvering quickly.  Its diversity includes groups as drab as the Pachylias: And pests like the hornworm caterpillar I posted about before (link here). But […]

Patterns in the ocean

I have mixed feelings about the ocean.  As much as I want to love it unconditionally, and as much as I adore swimming, snorkeling, coral reefs, cephalopods, and especially parrot fish, I seem to be fundamentally terrestrial. I struggle with field work in the ocean, grappling with my equipment to prevent it from floating away.  […]

Lonesome George and Let Evening Come, by Jane Kenyon

I’ve been dealing with a lot of losses lately, and it’s hard.  I guess that’s part of life, losing people, but it doesn’t make it any easier to forget how much you loved them. It’s just like the big old elm tree that they had to cut down this year.  Forgive me for comparing a […]