Take a Hike (with me!): Pike’s Peak edition

I hiked Pike’s Peak on Tuesday (solo), so I thought I’d do another obnoxiously long photo post of the hike.  If you like this one, you can check out my earlier Take a Hike! post from a hike in PA.  I hike tons, but I don’t always take a camera.  This, however, was a special occasion…my first 14er!  A 14er is a mountain that is more than 14,000 ft (~4300 m), and Pike’s Peak is 14,110 ft.  I took the Barr Trail the whole way, which is about 20.3 km (12.6 mi) with about a 2,300 m (7,500 ft) climb.

It is super fun, and took me about 6 hours.  I did not find it difficult, but I did pass some people that were having trouble.  The trail is never extraordinarily steep, it is always fairly clear where you need to go.  The hardest bit is the three miles above the tree line, where the oxygen is thin and there is no shelter from the wind.

Fewer words, more photos!

Barr Trail Map

Starting at dawn

Campanula rotundifolia

Going up?

I am going to the tippy top of that mountain! I will take you there too!

Grey Jay (Perisoreus canadensis)

Barr Camp is halfway up…a very idyllic place!


First blush of gold in the aspens

Gettin’ up above the tree line.

Oooo, let’s go this way!

I’m sorry if I take you for granite.

See that person in the distance for scale?

Getting higher!

That is actually about 3 miles of trail

Oh good a drop off!

Boot shot above the 1500 ft drop off


Pike’s Peak rocks!

Cog Rail Trails

What a beautiful world!


17 thoughts on “Take a Hike (with me!): Pike’s Peak edition

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  7. Oh man so beautiful! Thanks for taking me! I doubt I could ever make that, maybe the rail though hehe. Amazing photo’s hard for the eyes to accept, so beautiful:)

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