Rejection, and Under the Mountain, by Louis MacNeice

Ah, my manuscript has just been rejected again.  This particular work has been rejected eight times now (this is what we call, in academia, “bouncing”).  There are a couple of ways to feel. I could feel demoralized, like a failure, worthless.  This is the temptation.  I have felt that after previous rejections. I could watch […]

The Hurricane, by Hart Crane

In honour of Hurricane Sandy, which is causing *quite the stir* in the east right now, haha! The Hurricane Lo, Lord, Thou ridest! Lord, Lord, Thy swifting heart Nought stayeth, nought now bideth But’s smithereened apart! Ay! Scripture flee’th stone! Milk-bright, Thy chisel wind Rescindeth flesh from bone To quivering whittlings thinned— Swept, whistling straw! […]

In a pinch

Teaching is a stressful job.  Teaching a field ecology course, when you are stuck with your students 24/7 in a sometimes arduous conditions, can be extremely stressful. So, when the other TA grabbed my hand one day after arguing with a student who was sick of rice and beans (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and […]

Mice can sing! (And tenrecs sing with their quills)

You probably know that birds can sing, and maybe you’re aware that whales and humans also sing, but were you aware that mice can sing?  (they sing love songs) Researchers have found that females appreciate males that can trill faster.  Check out this little guy, singing his heart out: Is that adorable or what? But […]

Midlife, by Julie Cadwallader-Staub

Midlife This is as far as the light of my understanding has carried me: an October morning a canoe built by hand a quiet current above me the trees arc green and golden against a cloudy sky below me the river responds with perfect reflection a hundred feet deep a hundred feet high. To take […]