Laura Street Festival: Brisbane, QLD

I’m not very good at taking photos of people.  I always feel shy about pointing a camera at someone, especially because I hate photos of myself so much.  But the Laura Street Festival was a very nice and relaxed atmosphere, and I wanted to share the few photos I took.

The Afro-Brazilian Drum Band, Afrobeat.

Some interesting costumes! I especially liked this one.


Lead singer of my favourite band of the day, Fat Picnic!

Fat Picnic, these guys were so good!

Fat Picnic, singing The Bare Necessities,

So, yeah, Laura Street Festival!

If you’re in Brisbane next November, you should check it out!


9 thoughts on “Laura Street Festival: Brisbane, QLD

  1. Thanks so much for coming along and being part of our Laura Street Fest!
    Weren’t Fat Picnic amazing! It was such a pleasure to have them at my venue as part of the Fest. There was such an enormous amount of talent from everybody who contributed to the day in every day.
    Elizabeth (co-organiser) and your Palm Grove Palace hostess 😉

  2. Heya, do you mind if we use your wonderful on our Facebook on both our Laura Street Festival 2013 Community page and on our Event page?? Perhaps, I already asked you this?? Do you mind me asking your name?

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