Sugar Gliders are adorable

I’ve been commuting to and from work via bicycle for 5 years now.  Through sleet and rain and bitter cold or sweltering heat I have hopped on my bike, tightened my backpack straps, and pedaled mindlessly into work. On Tuesday, we had terrible weather here.  There was a wintry mix of ice pellets, sleet, and […]

The Other Colouring Book

I smashed the remaining groups of animals into my last colouring book, which just goes to show what a mammal bias I have.  (I didn’t even include all my fox drawings in that first one!)  So this book includes mostly arthropods (mostly insects), followed by some fish, some reptiles, and an amphibian.  (How sad, I […]

Bird Colouring Book (x2)

Well, I was putting together the bird colouring book (see yesterday’s mammal colouring book), only I realized that most of the time I colour my bird drawings!  This makes them less good for a colouring book.  Nonetheless, I managed to scrape together a few, so here they are.   Besides, I don’t feel so bad, because […]

Phenological mismatches: How species might lose each other in the face of climate change

There are many scientists studying the ecological impacts of climate change.  Given that climate (to include temperature, rainfall, and the frequency and intensity of major disturbance events) is one of the major determining factors of where a species can live and therefore which organisms it interacts with, changing climates are likely to have a huge […]

Abuzz with electricity

Well, if this just isn’t the coolest thing ever! Researchers have recently found that bees use electrical field to find flowers.  The study, published online 21 February in Science Express (Clarke et al. 2013), specifically tested the ability of one species of bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) to detect electrical fields on flowers. The way this works […]

On Being Kind, and The River, by Sara Teasdale

My sister and I got into an argument a while back.  You see, she was experiencing friction at her work place, and, being older, she wanted to instruct me in the ways of the world. “People are selfish and mean, standingoutinmyfield,” she said, “You must always look out for your own best interest, because that […]