Oda a la manzana, or Ode to the Apple, by Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda is still one of my favourite Spanish poets, he and I are clearly kindred souls.  I am an appleholic and have at times subsisted on nothing but.  See the translation below if you don’t read Spanish.

Apple Flowers

Apple Flowers

Oda a la manzana

A ti, manzana,
con tu nombre
la boca,

eres nueva como nada
o nadie,
recién caída
del Paraíso:
y pura
mejilla arrebolada
de la aurora!
Qué difíciles
los frutos de la tierra,
las celulares uvas,
los mangos
las huesudas
ciruelas, los higos
tú eres pomada pura,
pan fragante,
de la vegetación.

Cuando mordemos
tu redonda inocencia
por un instante
a ser
también recién creadas criaturas:
aún tenemos algo de manzana.

Yo quiero
una abundancia
total, la multiplicación
de tu familia,
una ciudad,
una república,
un río Mississipi
de manzanas,
y en sus orillas
quiero ver
a toda
la población
del mundo
unida, reunida,
en el acto más simple de la tierra:
mordiendo una manzana.

Pablo Neruda


Ode to Apples

To you, apple,
I want to
celebrate you
filling me
with your name
With my mouth,
by eating you.

You are new like nothing
and no one,
freshly fallen
from Paradise:
and pure
flushed cheek
of the dawn!

How difficult it is to
with you
the fruits of the earth,
the cellular grapes,
the dark mangoes,
plums, submarine figs:
you are pure ointment,
fragrant bread,
cheese of the

When we bite
Round your innocence
We return
for a moment
To be
also newly created creatures:
Then we have something of the apple.

I want
a total abundance
The multiplication
of your family,
I want
a city,
a republic,
Mississippi river
of apples,
and on its banks
I want to see
The whole
of the World
united, reunited,
in the simplest act of the land:
biting an apple.


8 thoughts on “Oda a la manzana, or Ode to the Apple, by Pablo Neruda

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  3. As I am back in 24 wifi I have been exploring listening to Pablo Neruda on you Tube. Thanks for the links! And I love this apple poem. Thought for the day. Maybe we should all eat apples together.

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  5. I am trying to find out if he wrote these odes originally in English or Spanish – and if in Spanish, who translated them. I’m googling, but just get tons of articles and can’t find the answer! Anyone know?

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