I took this photo just for you…

IMG_0684I don’t know how this got started.  I am completely baffled by the phenomenon.

For some reason, no matter where my friends and family travel, they take photographs “specially for me”…and they are always of ducks.

IMG_0678Not even fancy ducks.  Always mallards.

IMG_0659My friends will travel to Spain, Morocco, Amsterdam, and all of them will send me a photo of a duck.  My father doesn’t even like taking photos and he took a photo of a duck for me in Las Vegas.  My uncle traveled to Dublin and took a photo of…you guessed it, a duck.  My friend just sent me a postcard from a photo she took at Niagara Falls…of a blurry mallard.

IMG_0668“It made me think of you!” they exclaim enthusiastically.  Note that these friends have no way of knowing each other.  There is no way for a conspiracy to have formed.  They are acting completely independently of each other.

My theory is that they know I like “birds” and ducks are relatively easy to photograph.  They sit still most of the time, they are tame and like humans, and they are very common.

IMG_0672But obviously I would never do anything to encourage this sort of behaviour.  😉


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