Abaco Parrots

You probably already know how much I like parrots.  The Abaco Parrot is a subspecies (ssp. bahamensis) of the Cuban Amazon Parrot (Amazona leucocephala), which in itself is Near Threatened according to the IUCN. There are two extant populations of this subspecies: one on the Abaco islands and one on Great Inagua. The Abaco Parrot […]

Ideas for decorating cheesecakes: Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake with Leaves

Can you tell that I bake a lot when I am stressed? I don’t really like to eat these sweet things, but the lab just devours them. Funnily enough, no one in my lab is complaining. So, I still have a lot of fancy food dyes left over from when I baked the favours for […]

Let’s talk about dung

Guess what I found!?!?!  A dung beetle!  *so excited* Dung beetles are (mostly) members of the beetle family Scarabaeidae.  There is a huge diversity of dung beetles; more than 5,000 species exist worldwide.  They are very successful!  Can you imagine why? The dung beetles use an abundant resource: dung!  They are very competitive…the infamous ball-rolling […]

Shiny Cerambycid

Discovered on the floor of a Hemlock forest this weekend, this is Anthophylax cyaneus, a Cerambycid beetle with no common name. With a distribution in the northeastern US, relatively little is known about its feeding habits, aside from the fact that the adults seem to visit flowers during May-July in hardwood forests. That’s all, just […]


Hopefully not in distress… Damselflies are in the same order as dragonflies (Odonata), but they are in a different suborder (Zygoptera).  The key diagnostic character separating the two in the field is that damselflies rest with their wings folded, while dragonflies rest with their wings apart.  (Dragonflies also tend to be larger and bulkier.)  These […]

Gloster Canaries: the pinnacle of artificial selection?

Okay, so that title is a little tongue-in-cheek.  But you have to admit that this is some impressive artificial selection right here: I’m not gonna lie.  When I first saw a photo of a Gloster Canary, I was pretty sure it was photoshopped.  But after some internet research, I’m (maybe) 80% sure that they are […]