Abaco Parrots

You probably already know how much I like parrots.  The Abaco Parrot is a subspecies (ssp. bahamensis) of the Cuban Amazon Parrot (Amazona leucocephala), which in itself is Near Threatened according to the IUCN.

There are two extant populations of this subspecies: one on the Abaco islands and one on Great Inagua.

I love them because they always seem so pleased with themselves!

Photo by Matt Dillon, from abacoescape.com I love them because they always seem so pleased with themselves!

The Abaco Parrot is one of the only ground-nesting parrot species in the world (in fact, the only others I know of are the New Zealish* Kākāpō and Kea, on the brink of extinction and Threatened, respectively).

The best resource for learning more about these beautiful birds is at Rolling Harbour (a WordPress site about the Abaco Islands), which has detailed information about the ecology and physiology of these parrots, their habits, and the research program searching for ways to protect themThis post even has sound clips of their raucous calls and a video of their behaviour.  And you can see adorable babies here.  (Even a nod to taxonomy here!)

But my favourite Abaco Parrot post is this one.

Check out rollingharbour.com!

My quick doodle of an Abaco Parrot.  Check out rollingharbour.com!

*I just made that word up, so please don’t use it in mixed company!


4 thoughts on “Abaco Parrots

  1. Well I just had to like this one… Love your Abacoodle (Psittacartoon?). Thanks so much for the multi-pingbacks, and for foregrounding this near-lost-but-saved-from-the-brink unique underground-nesting parrot. All the best from Rolling Harbour

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