More Greenhouse Curiosities

The greenhouse is a great place to find things from all over the world. Here are some of the pretty/weird things I have been watering.

Cotton (Gossypium)

Cotton (Gossypium sp.)…we have this guy to thank for our t-shirts! native to the tropics

Abutilon (same family as the marshmallow)

Abutilon megapotamicum (same family as the marshmallow), native to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay

Clerodendron thompsoniaea

Clerodendron thompsoniae, native to Cameroon

Can't do this post without mentioning Fuschia!

Can’t do this post without mentioning Fuschia (no relation to the Pinks)! native to the Caribbean

Aristolochia fimbriata

Aristolochia fimbriata, Dutchman’s Pipe, native to South America


Adenium, Desert Rose (in the dogbane family)

IMG_1399 IMG_1402More to come!


6 thoughts on “More Greenhouse Curiosities

    • A very hard question! I don’t know if I have a favourite for sure, but there are a couple of things that I have put aside for their own posts, which is a sure sign of favour. I do love the variety of forms they take!

  1. Oh the Clerodenron is beautiful! And I did not know the Fuschia is native to the Carribean. It grows so well in the UK, despite the lack of heat.
    Pretty all round. 🙂

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