“TV” means something else to biologists

Or at least biologists that are fond of birds.

There is a very fun post about turkey vultures (TVs) over at Rolling Harbour, so you should check it out!

It also reminded me of a story to share.  This story takes place back when I worked with children at a Nature Center.  At this time, I shared a class of 17 five year old boys with another naturalist.  One day, when we were out on a hike, we came across a TV nest.

The other naturalist and I thought it would be very fun for the kids to see the baby vultures in the nest, so we began lifting them, one by one, to peek into the hole in the dead tree snag.

Amongst “oohs” and “aahs”, we showed all of the kids the vultures without incident…until my partner lifted the last boy up and he started wailing.

You see, one of the defense mechanisms of young vultures is projectile vomiting, and the babies were finally bothered enough to do something about their situation.  The last boy got the brunt of the response.

Anyway, TVs are awesome, go check out RH’s post!


8 thoughts on ““TV” means something else to biologists

  1. There is nothing cute about the TVs. I see them a lot here and they give me a bit of the creeps. I got really close to a group of them at a local park and so did a neighborhood cat. I thought that really strange since neither paid any attention to the other. Did not know of their vomit defense or I would never have gotten so close. Definitely I won’t again.

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