Luna Moth, and Mondnacht, by Joseph von Eichendorff

These are glorious creatures…easily one of our most beautiful species.


Luna Moth (Actias luna)


These members of the moth family Saturniidae are one of the largest in North America, with a wing span of 8–11.5 cm (3.1–4.5 in)


The adults have a very brief life span. They lack mouthparts and do not eat…like many adult insects, they exist only to mate.


A close up of this male’s antennae, which are bushier than the female’s.


These moths are nocturnal and this one was not enjoying being disturbed during the day.

IMG_2394 Mondnacht

Es war, als haett der Himmel
Die Erde still gekuesst,
Dass sie im Bluetenschimmer
Von ihm nun traeumen muesst’.

Die Luft ging durch die Felder,
Die Aehren wogten sacht,
Es rauschten leis die Waelder,
So sternklar war die Nacht.

Und meine Seele spannte
Weit ihre Fluegel aus,
Flog durch die stillen Lande,
Als floege sie nach Haus.


It was, as if heaven
silently kissed the earth,
so that she, in blossom-shimmer,
must have only dreamed of him.

The wind went through the fields,
the grasses undulated gently,
The forests rustled softly,
so star-clear was the night.

And my soul spread
wide out its wings,
flew through the quiet countryside,
as if it would fly home.

– Joseph von Eichendorff


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