12 thoughts on “:P

    • Hehehe, that’s okay. Your photos are 5,000 times better anyway! I was just being silly. Actually, I think our brains are synchronized, because I just caught these photos last night and then was going to put them up. I only saw that you had also posted about hummers after. I really liked your post though!

      • Thank you for the nice compliment, but your photos are really good. I know how long it takes to get decent hummingbird images. They rarely ever sit in a tree for very long either, even long enough to set the exposure. You were lucky to have a willing and comical model.

      • That is a typical time in a tree I found. You did very well in those few seconds. I can say that in of itself is a feat. They are so ‘busy’ and getting them to take a break is difficult. I find that with dragonflies too. I only get them at the end of the day when it is time for ‘bed’. I have a few in flight and I find that is almost always hit or miss, but I have seen pros get great shots, and I am trying to figure out how they do it.

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