Cat sitting woes



For a person who is allergic to cats, I sure do a lot of cat-sitting.  It has is pluses and minuses.  I am currently watching over two Egyptian Maus, Loki and Idun (or, as I like to call them, Lokes and EEEdddiiee).



They are adorable snuggle bugs/total jerks.

"I plan to knead your calf with my sharp little claws at 3 am."

“I plan to knead your calf with my sharp little claws at 3 am.”

The unfortunate part of cat sitting, for me, is that the more standoffish you are, the more cats love you.  I tend to be very standoffish (because I don’t want my face to swell into a balloon), and thus cats ADORE me.  In fact, these two hate to be separated.  If I close a door, they will paw at the other side and then start licking it.  Which is obnoxious.



These two are pretty affectionate (though maybe not as much as Jack and Lulu) and have started weaving figure eights between my legs as I walk (very slowly).  Though they supposedly “hate” the attic, where I am sleeping, they have been spending more and more time up there.  The other night I woke up to find them both standing over me, staring at me.

IMG_2916Loki talks a lot, he will say, “Meow” in the most articulate voice I have ever heard.  Every syllable is enunciated.  “ME-OW”

Loki, hamming it up

Loki, hamming it up

Idie likes to drink from the faucet, like this:

idunIdie is shyer, so harder to get a photo of, but I finally managed to get one that captures her personality.

IMG_2937She has pretty eyes.  Such a beautiful, beautiful poop and fur machine.

IMG_2936Okay, last post about these two guys, I promise.  The next place I’m couch surfing at has THREE cats though, so be prepared.


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