Lion and Fox

The unedited version of this story was posted earlier this week…if you want to check out some of the process behind the art, you can visit that post here.

This is the tidied up version.  Unlike my last story (Benji the Little Red Fox), this story was done entirely in pencils (except the first page and the back cover).  I was trying out the style.  Sometimes, I really like the art ink free (like the cover page, which I think looks good without inks), but I do think that sometimes the inks look better (like the first page, which is lightly inked)!  I’m not sure what conclusions to draw*, so I will keep playing around.

Although my art still needs a lot of work, I like to think that you can see an improvement of this story over the last one.  Feel free to download the pdf (LionandFox), or just browse through the pages at your leisure below!

The story is set in Africa, and everything is meant to be African (backgrounds, other species, including the butterfly Euphaedra janetta), except the fox, which clearly does not belong in Africa.  Or anywhere else.  I can relate.

Cover Page1FL Page2FL Page3FL Page4FL Page5FL Page6FL Page7FL Page8FL Page9FL Page10FL Page11FL Page12FL Page13FL Page14FL Page15FL Page16FL Page17FL Page18FL Page19FLBackFL

*pun intended


24 thoughts on “Lion and Fox

  1. May I? I understand why you seem to hesitate between black lining to set out the characters ; it is a question that often poses itself to me as well; keep going at outlining would be my advice but not everything -> anyhow you’ll find out yourself, but from my own experience I could often get by with a little help from outside, being in the inside in my creativity. how do you put the pictures on the Web? Do you have a scan? good travels and drawings !

    • Most of the time I go to the library to scan the pictures, then I use Microsoft Office to crop them (I don’t have photoshop). Thank you very much for the helpful advice! Do you outline after colours or before? I’ve been outlining before colours in the past.

  2. Loved the story. I loved the scene where the lion patted the hyena on the rump — it was unexpected! Do you intend to, um, add words? I’d love to see it in the entirety!

  3. Personnally I prefer to outline afterwards ; the hand needs to master if you wish, but then again, I tried both options myself and only if you immediately sketch with ink(which is also a possibility) U get a result I find – so outlining afterwards gives better result when free drawing. enjoy!

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