Bears (drawings and sightings)

*sigh*  I got two paper rejections in one day!  That is two too many.  😦

On the positive side, I saw a bear this morning, which is the second bear sighting I’ve had out at the farm.  Here are some bears I drew as part of a thank you card for the family that is letting me stay with them.

bearclimbing bears2


10 thoughts on “Bears (drawings and sightings)

  1. Cute drawings! Sorry about the rejection of your papers. Just remember that you are not your work product. YOU are wonderful, even if the paper didn’t meet their needs! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I have to remind myself, as I just did you, that I’m not my work product….

      • Who says your work wasn’t good? Just because it didn’t fit someone else’s rules doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. Maybe it’s the universe nudging you in a slightly different direction. Have you been writing about what you think is the “right” thing rather than your passion?

      • Hm…well, there are a lot of constraints in writing a scientific paper…but my experimental field work is definitely my passion, so I don’t think I am betraying it. I think other people just don’t find it as cool as I do!

      • I can’t believe that! How can anyone not see it as cool! I thought of you this summer when I passed through a national park and they were putting cotton mittens on the tips of tree branches. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember what they were for….

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