Goodbye Pennsylvania, and Senescence, by Ronin Waters

IMG_4197Being as itinerant as I am, I’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes in my time.  I’ve murmured awkward goodbyes at 2am in a cool, windy city.  I’ve shouted goodbyes over the sound of the ocean while storm waves rocked the boat.  I’ve said goodbye with hugs, and goodbye with handshakes, to friends and family, to people I will never see again.

IMG_7730It’s hard to say goodbye to people, but it is often harder to say goodbye to places, especially places where you’ve been happy.

IMG_3683This has been one of those places where I felt a real connection to the land, to the rolling green hills, and fields of corn and soy, to the cows, and the bees, and the endless rocks.  I’ve seen each summer turn over, in happy times and sad.  I’ve watched the buds burst in spring and leaves slowly change colour in the fall, clinging to summer.  I fell in love all over again with each new year.

IMG_9785I’ve made friends here, and I’m sorry to go.

IMG_3885But that’s just the thing that tells me it’s time to go.  You stay in one place and you start to put down roots, which is never healthy for a rambler like me.  It is always easier to tear them up sooner than later, even if it’s not easy.

IMG_4151So here is my goodbye to Pennsylvania, and thanks for all the good times.  I’m sure we’ll meet again.


I am standing in a field
Of goldenrods
Nodding to themselves
Humming softly in the breeze.

I can hold their heavy heads
In my cupped hands
They lean, tired
Spotty brown with age.

They know they are the last of their season.

They are folding in on themselves
Becoming nothing but brittle bones.

I am desperate
I want to lie among them
To hear all the old stories
To be held.

I want to inhale
Their overpowering perfumes
Smile at their gaudy baubles
To whisper.

“Remember when we were young
And I felt the soft brush
Of your kiss on my cheek.
Your golden hair in my eyes?”

But they are losing
Their memories of me
Their vitality
They are fading.

They are letting go
Letting this die slowly
Letting it

I hate it,
When a friendship ends this way.

~Ronin Waters



10 thoughts on “Goodbye Pennsylvania, and Senescence, by Ronin Waters

      • That’s a shame. Maybe I read too much into it but it seems like this was a love you did not want to leave and you questioned your ‘rambling’ ways, if only for a second. All the best with new bugs and critters elsewhere 🙂 Enjoying your buggy nerdiness.

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