The highest point in West Virginia

This is Spruce Knob, the highest point in West Virginia.  I visited it with my parents.


Because my parents are adorable




Because my parents were there, we naturally did not do much hiking, but there is a loop around the top of the mountain that is well worth your while.


It immediately has some beautiful vistas.


And a nice alpine forest


You can click on the panoramas to make them bigger

SpruceKnob2 SpruceKnob3 SpruceKnob4


4 thoughts on “The highest point in West Virginia

      • Height** is relative. The highest point in Great Britain, Ben Nevis (Scotland) is 1,344 m (4,409 ft), so you win. And the highest point on Abaco, Bahamas is… a staggering 134 feet (I kid you not). [**and what happened here to ‘i before e except after c’?]

      • There are exceptions to every rule, RH. Not surprised in the least about Abaco…seems like a depressing place (j/k). Haha, well if I have to claim a peak, I will claim Pike’s Peak, which is 14,100 ft (4298 m), which I climbed last year. That’s not even the highest peak in Colorado, but it’s the highest peak I’ve personally climbed. Climbing mountains above the treeline…that’s a tall order.

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