Take a Hike! Buttermilk State Park

Yesterday was just an immaculately beautiful day, so rare for this late in autumn (and this high of a latitude).  I glanced outside, glanced at my growing pile of work, hopped on my bike, and pedaled to the nearest state park, which happened to be…

Buttermilk Falls SP!

Buttermilk Falls SP!

Right outside Ithaca, NY, this state park is centered around the waterfall shown above, and includes several miles of hiking trails.  I hiked all the trails yesterday, starting at the base of the falls and winding my way up the river to Lake Treman.  The trail goes around the perimeter of the lake and connects with the much longer Finger Lakes Trail (which I have yet to explore).


The Gorge trail has lots of steps…


And lots of waterfalls

IMG_6045 IMG_6046 IMG_6047 IMG_6052 IMG_6053 IMG_6055 IMG_6059 IMG_6062 IMG_6066


Rock patterns in the river


Tussock caterpillar


Looks a lot like fall!


The bridge will take you to the trail on the other side of the river, which is deeper into the forest. I continued straight here to go up to the lake.


What a beautiful day!

IMG_6079 IMG_6081 IMG_6082 IMG_6083 IMG_6086 IMG_6087


This is Bear Trail, it strays a bit further from the river

IMG_6094 IMG_6097 IMG_6098IMG_6142 IMG_6143 IMG_6147

This is the Lake Treman loop trail

This is the Lake Treman loop trail

IMG_6202 IMG_6203 IMG_6204


I love how pink the maple leaf viburnum gets in the autumn

IMG_6212 IMG_6213 IMG_6267 IMG_6271 IMG_6303 IMG_6304 IMG_6309IMG_6346 IMG_6343 IMG_6344

On the way back down, I took the rim trail, which lacks the "gorge"ous views.

On the way back down, I took the rim trail, which lacks the “gorge”ous views.

IMG_6352 IMG_6351 IMG_6349Thanks for hiking with me!  I enjoyed the company.  🙂


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