Garter snake Tuesday

I hope you’re not getting sick of snake photos.  The unusually warm and pleasant autumn weather has brought them out in abundance, and I snapped some more shots that I wanted to share.  These little garters are awfully cute.  You can compare them to my other garter snake post; that individual was from Maryland, while these are from New York.  Though these guys are the same subspecies, there are noticeable differences in their phenotypes (i.e. physical appearance).  Hence, marked variation exists even within subspecies.


He looks a little worried, poor guy. I won’t eat you, I promise!




Full length shot


“Hello!” (This was my most popular shot of this snake, among my friends)


*side eye*


An older gentleman, but look at that smug grin!


The stripes are much more muted on this snake

Yay for snakes!


19 thoughts on “Garter snake Tuesday

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