My little village

I’m living in a little village on top of a mountain. It is very pretty, so I thought I would share some of the views.



The ecovillage was founded on ideals of sustainability and community values.



The decisions are reached in consensus.


The view of the town where I work from my village

And there is a lot of focus on green energy and local organic food. Many of the people living here grow their own food and have solar panels to help offset energy costs.


The village has three ponds, and is surrounded by meadows

It is also a very safe neighborhood, great for families.


No cars are allowed in the village…there are gravel trails for walking (or in my case, running everywhere like a maniac because I’m always in a hurry)

The community houses provide a lot of shared resources that would be impossible to acquire as an individual (like pool tables), and certainly for an itinerant individual like myself.


The meadows are pretty, even after all the flowers have died

Residents volunteer a few hours a week to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


The houses have some beautiful gardens


With lots of fall colours!


My front yard

I say “my” as if it belongs to me, when in fact I am no more than an ephemeral member.  Still, it is a great privilege to belong to this tight knit community, if only for a little while.  Besides, I love being able to barter for things with my homemade pies.  😉

If you’d like to learn more about the village, you can read about it here.


6 thoughts on “My little village

  1. It sounds an amazing place and beautiful too. There was no mention of religion. All similar communities that I have heard of require adhesion to a religion or cult. It would be wonderful to live in an truly altruistic community.

    • No religion! Or at least everybody can have whatever religion they want and it is not a community thing. Although, I’m not sure about truly altruistic, haha. Everybody contributes and we all benefit from shared resources. It is a good place.

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