Yellow rumped warbler (drawing)

One of my best friends (i.e. my sister in thesis) does not like birds.  (I know, it is a shock.)   But I wanted to draw her a bird as a Christmas gift anyway.  “Do you have any requests?” I asked.

“Something rumped,” she replied immediately, “Something angry looking.”

“Uhh…okay,” I said.

Well, a local “rumped” species is the Yellow rumped warbler.  This adult female does look pretty annoyed.

Yellow rumped warbler (Setophaga coronata)

Yellow rumped warbler (Setophaga coronata)


11 thoughts on “Yellow rumped warbler (drawing)

  1. By coincidence, I’ve just written a caption for this species for a (‘my’) bird book, ending “At one time this bird was considered to be a Myrtle Warbler, but had the misfortune to be reclassified with a less dignified name.” The recent-ish warbler species name change from the poetic ‘Dendroica’ to the mundane ‘Setophaga’ seems a poor move too! RH

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