Winter Moon

I’ve been trying to photograph this winter moon for days and days.  There are a number of challenges associated with it.  First, it has been bitterly cold, with air temps well into the negative Fahrenheits and wind chills down to negative 30F (-34C).  These temperatures bring a suite of associated problems: my camera doesn’t work well at temps that low, and neither do my fingers!  To add to the challenge, photographing the moon has to take place at night…which means it is dark…which means I need long shutter speeds.  Shivering is not helpful!

But I eventually got some satisfactory photos, so I thought I’d share them!  Fortunately for me, the moon was a little lower in the sky each morning at dawn.

IMG_7748 IMG_7771Now you can see the crescent moon next to the beautiful, bright morning star, Venus!  Which is actually not a star, I know.

According to star date, “While Venus is moving away from the Sun in our sky, the Moon is dropping toward it. So its crescent will grow even thinner before the Moon disappears entirely in the Sun’s glare. It’ll return to view in the evening sky by Friday. Then as now, you’ll be able to see more than just the crescent. The rest of the lunar disk will be basking in the glow of earthshine — sunlight reflected from our own Earth.”  (I love star date.)

Okay, a couple of more, and a story for Friday.

Yesterday, I was washing dishes early in the morning when I happened to glance outside, where I saw just the perfect alignment of the crescent moon and Venus right over a house across the path.  I sprinted for my camera and dashed out the door in my pajamas and slippers.

IMG_7792But it was too dark, so I had to keep decreasing the shutter speed, trying not to shiver as I leaned against the house to steady my bare hands.  The air temperature was -4F (-20C) with wind chills down to -20F (-29C).

IMG_7795Still too dark!  I decreased the shutter speed some more.

IMG_7800Aha!  Perfect!  At the limit of my endurance, I turned to go back inside, only to find that my slippers had frozen to the ground. Crack, crinkle, I tore them up from the ice that had formed around them.  I put one hand on the metal door handle and cringed…the skin of my palm, still slightly damp from washing dishes, stuck to the metal.

I gritted my teeth, pulled the door open, ripped my hand free, and dashed inside.  *sigh* The things we do for photos.  Hahahaha

PS. This is what shivering looks like:




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