Roses aren’t always red

My house mate got a dozen white roses for Valentine’s Day and she loaned them to me for a photography shoot!  I think they are quite pretty, don’t you?


This one is my favourite. :)

This one is my favourite. 🙂

IMG_8102 IMG_8104 IMG_8107


7 thoughts on “Roses aren’t always red

  1. Those are beautiful shots. Roses are beautiful flowers but I have a love hate relationship with them in the garden. I think they feel the same about me and manage to inflict gashes in my hands and insert their thorns into my scalp when I am weeding underneath them. I prefer being sent bouquets of roses.

    • Haha, I’ve had similar gardening experiences. The botanically oriented part of my brain has always been baffled by them. The ornamental roses are essentially mutant wild roses, with a ridiculous number of petals. It’s the kind of thing that natural selection would’ve driven out of existence but that artificial selection adores. They are pretty though.

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