Bearded Dragons

One of my house mates got some bearded dragons as pets!  We decided to do a photo shoot with these lovely animals.  She named them Danaerys and Uncle Iroh after a television show she is watching.  I haven’t watched the show so I nicknamed them Dina and Uncle.


This is Uncle, he is bigger, fatter, and meaner than Dina

There are six species of bearded dragons (Pogona spp.), all endemic to Australia.  This species, the central bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) is a popular pet and zoo animal.


He also has brighter colours…he’s a real beauty

Bearded dragons can moderately change their colour.  Uncle here is spectacularly orange, but other colours have been observed.  The beard of a dominant male often turns black.


How could you not love this face?


He looks so sage when he closes his eyes.


And so goofy from this perspective


We love you even though you pick on Dina, Uncle

Uncle is very dominant…he bobs his head rapidly and chases Dina around the cage.


Front feet


Hind feet


This is Dina, she is smaller and less colourful


But still intimidating

They are great pets!


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