Night lights

More night photography with my friend.  We were up until 3 am standing in banks of ice up to our knees on a cliff above the highway taking some of these shots.  He brought a tripod and what a difference it made!  We could shiver to our heart’s delight while the camera stayed still.  We took some long exposures, letting the cars paint the pictures.


First, we stopped across from a ski resort. The bright light in the background is the machine that smooths the ski slopes and the orange-red lights in the foreground are a car that stopped at the mailbox and then drove away.


The highway looks awesome because the headlights show up as white and the tail lights show up as red.


It was also fun to photograph the bridge, with cars moving underneath it.


The big trucks are fun…they have extra lights!


Then we drove to the top of a different hill to photograph the city.


Sometimes a little tremor in the camera looks cool


With a long enough exposure, it lights up bright as day!


A little hamlet a few miles off…this is one of my favourite photos of the night.


Ah, home at last to warm up by the fire!


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