Elephants are scared of more than mice



OR: The varied and sundry uses of bees.

My friend forwarded me an article in an email with the subject line “Just another way that bees are awesome.” (I have amazing friends.)  Apparently, elephants wreak all sorts of havoc on farmers in Africa, destroying crops, crashing through fences, and ultimately reaping ill will from the land owners that must share space with them.

As a low cost method of keeping the elephants out of the crops, farmers have been implementing a new kind of fence…a bee fence!

As it turns out, elephants are not just afraid of mice…they are also afraid of bees.  The bee fence has an 80% success rate where it has been implemented.

Click here to read the full article or just watch the adorable video below:



6 thoughts on “Elephants are scared of more than mice

  1. This justifies my very big son-in-law who is really afraid of our bees. Even elephants fear them! Clever use of technology…a bee fence. I wouldn’t use it on son-in- law though.😊

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