The virtues of a cold winter

I know it’s hard to look on the bright side sometimes when you’ve hit the middle of March and wind chills are still well below 0 F.  I’m not gonna lie…even I am tired of shivering and sick of wearing long johns and cuddling with water heaters (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!).  My already dubious association with winter always falters by March.

But!  There are some definite advantages to this cold winter and we shall strive to keep them in the fore front of our minds as we duck our heads against the howling winds blasting ice in our faces.  (That’s the royal scientific “we”.)

1.  The large amount of ice on the Great Lakes slows down evaporation and prevents shoreline erosion.  Higher water levels could translate to consumer benefits.

2.  Severely cold temperatures help to reduce populations of invasive pest insects such as the Emerald Ash Borer, the Gypsy Moth, and the Woolly Adelgid.   The invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is also suffering.

3.  The cold temperatures are also reducing the populations of other pest animals, like mice in New York City.  Mice populations are associated with tick populations, which carry Lyme’s disease, so this could also have indirect benefits for humans.

4.  Florida oranges may be sweeter because they were kept cooler.

5.  There was lots of cross country skiing.

6.  There was lots of snow and ice.

Gold everywhere

Gold everywhere

7. Icy waterfalls


We hiked to see a beautiful waterfall



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