Relaxing nature sounds

A friend and I got into a discussion about some of the relaxing noises that nature makes.  Very quickly, we decided that nature doesn’t always make relaxing sounds, and we soon found that what was relaxing for one of us was not necessarily relaxing for the other.

The ocean came up instantly.  I personally find the ocean exhausting…much as I try to love it, the ceaseless, senseless noise batters me.  I find no relaxation in it.  But many people do find the sound of the ocean relaxing.  They, I argued, have never done field work in the ocean when the wind is at 30 knots.  He agreed that they probably had not.

I hate the sound of high winds too.  Powerful, howling winds make me want to hide under the covers.  I have spent enough time running and biking through those winds to know what they feel like.  But winds are not always stressful…the sound of a gentle breeze through tall grasses is very relaxing to me (it reminds me of field work).  Similarly, the sound of pounding rain is stressful, but a gentle rain is relaxing.

I also like the sound of a babbling brook…

But not a waterfall.

And I enjoy the sounds of geckos, crickets, and cicadas (which remind me of summer).

(If you haven’t heard it, these crickets slowed down is particularly cool.)

And bees!

And of course I love the dawn chorus…

But the dawn chorus in Australia can be more exciting than relaxing…

To me, the most relaxing of nature noises has to be the trees talking.

What nature noises do you find relaxing?  …Or…not so relaxing?


12 thoughts on “Relaxing nature sounds

  1. I love these and may suggest this reading to my insomniac friends for relaxing. Me, I can sleep anywhere, in fact I gotta get off this page so I can finish my work! LOL!

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