San Jose Scale Insect

Similar to the California Red Scale, the San Jose Scale (Quadraspidiotus perniciosus) is a pest insect of tree fruits (mainly apple, pear, and peach).  It is a true bug of the order Hemiptera.  And similar to the California Red Scale, it forms a waxy protective covering, which makes it very difficult to attack with insecticides.  They are most vulnerable early in spring, and one of the orchard growers I talked to said he was going to saturate the trees with oils next week as a way to suffocate the scale insects.

This is what the infestation looks like on his apple trees.

IMG_9823 IMG_9830

The main impact of the scale insect is to reduce the yield of the fruit trees and the quality of the fruit, so it can result in a loss of income for the orchard growers if it is not properly controlled.

You can read more about the California Red scale here, and the San Jose Scale here.


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