On the gradual, yet inexorable loss of pseudonymity

IMG_9438Le sigh, it was bound to happen.  My shield of anonymity (or pseudonymity as the case may be) is slowly cracking up.  I guess it was inevitable given the number of friends I have with similar interests and the volume of things I post on this website.

It’s not that I am ashamed of things I post here, but there is a certain comfort in knowing that you will never meet the people who read what you write…there is a freedom from personal judgment when your name is not directly tied to the things you produce.

IMG_0998When my blog is pseudonymous, I never have to worry about what so and so might think about that silly bluebird drawing.  I can sleep easy knowing that my goofy sense of (punny) humour* is affecting only those who choose to subject themselves to it.

Indeed, the driving motivator for starting this blog was my love of story telling.  All of my close friends have heard my stories many times, and to save them from further repetition, I thought it would be wise to channel some of that energy into a different forum.  The blogging platform allows me to share stories with photos, poetry, drawings…it is great fun.

IMG_1008In addition, I’ve never felt the need to apologize for (or even attempt to constrain) the randomness of my blog.  One day I discuss the true monogamy of blood flukes and the next I rapidly follow it up with an illustrated children’s story.  What can I say…I’m as distractable as Dory in Finding Nemo.

And for two years…TWO YEARS of posting nearly every day, I got away with it.  But now the cracks in my fragile shield are showing.  Accidental discoveries.

So, in sum, to those of you who know me in person and have discovered my blog, read at your own risk.  This blog has been rated G for Geek.  There are graphic floral displays, gratuitous uses of Latin names, and some nerdity.

Sunset*And let’s face it, I’m hilarious.


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