The state bird of Maine

There’s an old joke that the state bird of Maine is the mozzie (mozzer, mosquito, I’ve had several people confused in the past couple of days by my nicknames for them).

I understood this on an intellectual level, but when I drove here on Sunday, jumped out of my car to pump some fuel and then had a mozzie bite by the time I jumped back in and three in the car to swat at as I continued my drive, the implication really…sunk in.*

I’m here in Maine on a pollen identification course, which is unfortunately quite intensive.  I wish I had more time to explore!  On the other hand, even slathered in insect repellant, I fed four mozzies with my face alone yesterday, which bites.**

I wouldn’t mind so much, but I’m allergic and I often get lumps the size of goose eggs from mozzie bites (I know, I know, not a great trait for a field biologist…I spend most of the summer lumpy) and it’s not very attractive to have a lump the size of an egg on your forehead.

Regardless, Maine is gorgeous, and I will hopefully get the chance to get out and get some photos of the surrounding beauty.  In the mean time, I’m learning about pollen!

*Pun intended.



10 thoughts on “The state bird of Maine

  1. huh, I would have thought mozzie/mozzer was easy to guess. Sucks that you’re allergic though. My Dad is too, and he has had some impressive lumps over the years. :-s

  2. I’m sorry. My son is also allergic. When we went camping, he’d be pretty miserable from bites. We used a topical Benadryl spray which really made a difference. The swelling would reduce pretty quickly so that they would begin to look like normal (small) bites rather than goose eggs after the spray did it’s magic. Otherwise, they would be so irritating that he would scratch until they infected.

  3. As a biologist, I’m sure you can spew 100 reasons why skeeters are an important niche in the food chain. .. However, I’d love to see a world without these parasitic, blood-sucking, incarnates of evil (and itching)!!
    Pollen study you say? Interesting topic. What didya learn? 🌻

  4. ‘Love it or hate it’ prevention tip. For 2 weeks before I go anywhere with mozzies, midges or sandflies, every day I eat a biscuit or piece of bread with Marmite (= Vegemite or equivalent) on it. It builds up some sort of yeasty-type protection** in the skin that biting flying critters really dislike. I didn’t believe it until I first tried it. Result: very few bites, all superficial (there’ll always be one that gets through over a week or 2). So I always do that now. RH [PS some people hate the taste, so it’s a question of personal judgement, priorities, and balance of discomfort!!!!] **There’s no pun here at all. Really.

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