Life of a field biologist

Sorry for being MIA the past few days…I was doing field work up in the Adirondacks without access to a computer (or mobile phone service, or internet).  I truly love field work…but I cringe a little when folks say they are sooooo jealous.  I’m not sure they would be if they understood everything it entails!

As I write this, I’m covered in dozens of mosquito and black fly bites (one or two swollen to the size of an egg), there is a poison ivy rash on the finger of one hand and the palm of the other (a necessary by product of having to collect poison ivy pollen samples), and a multitude of cuts, scrapes, gashes, and bruises.  I’m sleep deprived, sun burned, sweaty, lumpy and itchy.  And that’s the life of a field biologist.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

By all means, if standing (out in your field) knee deep in a swamp on a hot, muggy day while black flies idly chew on your ears sounds like heaven to you, there’s nothing preventing you from being a field biologist!  Join us!  The few, the proud, the lumpy.

Life is good.  Photos to come soon.


4 thoughts on “Life of a field biologist

  1. Hallelujah to the few, the proud and lumpy! 👍
    I do miss field work occasionally. . I’ve done my share… if I could work out a 3 day out 2 day in work week, I’d be a happy clam. Now I’m chained to my desk, no outside for me.

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