This is what a drunk driver can do

My good friend was hit by a drunk driver almost a year and a half ago.

The drunk driver (with a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit) was speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road.  When my friend came around the corner and saw the truck’s headlights on his side of the road, he did what anyone would do…he slammed on the brakes.  But the full frontal impact (and the truck being much larger than my friend’s prius) shattered every bone in his leg, his knee cap into eight pieces, and most of the bones in his foot.  He was in surgery for 8 hours that night, and another 5 hours a week later to fix the dislocated bones in his foot.  He almost didn’t survive.

He lost his job and he spent months in the hospital learning to walk again.  He still goes to physical therapy twice a week, he still has trouble walking, he is still in pain every single day.  The drunk driver walked away from the accident unharmed.

These are my friends x-rays…  There are titanium bars in his thigh and shin, and his foot has a metal plate in it, in addition to the screws holding his ankle and knee together.

Ankle1 Ankle2 Ankle3 femur foot Foot5 hip knee legDon’t drink and drive.


6 thoughts on “This is what a drunk driver can do

    • Yeah, we’ve talked about he probably doesn’t even grasp how much damage he’s done. He should have to be there when my friend’s leg gives out under him when he’s trying to climb the stairs.

  1. I do not drink alcohol at all so I usually make little comment about drinking. I have lived life to the full and love laughing and enjoying myself but without the aid of alcohol. If you are going to intoxicate yourself with drugs or drink you should accept that you have taken the decision not to drive. It is too sad for your friend. Amelia

    • I can’t stand the taste of alcohol myself, so I do not drink at all. Seeing the damage this driver did to my friend is hard to bear. He went from a successful, hard working carpenter, to unemployed and living with his mother, and he’s frequently in agony.

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