Sleepy Bees: Cold in July

Unless one is living in the southern hemisphere, one should never have to say the words “Come inside and get warm,” in the middle of July.  The past couple of days have been cold and rainy, leaving me to wonder whether I should wear gloves as I biked out this morning.  I’m not bitter, but I might be just a teensy bit annoyed.  The bees agree with me.

Male squash bee, chillaxin, too sleepy to fly

Male squash bee, chillaxin, too sleepy to fly


I love the huge pollen grains on his face

Five more minutes!

Five more minutes!

Don't wanna get up

Don’t wanna get up


This little carpenter bee lady slept on my hand for the better part of two hours


You are so warm!


Tiny bee with a huge drop of dew




10 thoughts on “Sleepy Bees: Cold in July

  1. A lot of bees, especially the summer ones, seem to be late risers. The bumble bees we get in Europe are the real busy bees and are there from first light until late in the summer evenings. Amelia

    • Even they get sleepy when it is cold and wet! But yes, the bumblebees stay active because they can regulate their body temperature using behavioural thermoregulation. They are pretty cool…or warm…or something.

  2. A bee on your hand for two hours! Amazing pics and thankfully here it’s just a little cooler at 28 rather than in the 30s and we invite folks in to get a bit cooler in the house!

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