This is a silly little story but I thought I’d share it anyway.

A few weeks ago, I was out on my bike for a long ride (~60/100km miles is long to me), and as I pedaled along the road, I happened to look over to my left.  I saw rolling fields leading up to a small mountain.  The slope up the mountain was a shrubby fallow field with shoulder high grass.

I’ve done field work in fields just like that for many years, so when I saw it, my brain instantly generated an image of me wading through the grass, letting the seed heads run through my fingers idly.  It instantly filled me with serenity and I was impressed by both my brain’s ability to generate such vivid imagery and the feeling of peace that accompanied it.  I thought I would try to save that image in my head for times that are less serene.

This weekend, I was riding a similar route and I looked eagerly to see my field again as I passed.  My first impression was of sadness, for I could see that the field had been mowed.  But then, as I cleared the bend, I saw that it had been mowed selectively…in the shape of a peace sign!

Amazing that someone else had also associated that field with a feeling of peace!  I thought for sure I would be the only one in the world to feel that way about a shrubby old field.

I wish I could share a photo with you, but I can never bring myself to stop for photos when I’m riding.  So, hopefully, your brain is just as creative as mine and you can visualize that peaceful field in your head!  Here’s to peace.


6 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Serendipity of the nicest kind! Thanks for the field and the peace sign! They are both much appreciated!

    Such a very long bike ride. I’m good if I make it around our neighborhood!!

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