I’ve been looking for some fungi to hang out with

Overwhelmed!  Here are some mushrooms!  I found them in New York.  Kay, bye.

IMG_8264 IMG_8275 IMG_8276 IMG_8306 IMG_8318 IMG_8325 IMG_8330 IMG_8353 IMG_8356 IMG_8374 IMG_8388


8 thoughts on “I’ve been looking for some fungi to hang out with

  1. Wow! So many colors and shapes and some look so delicate and some really sturdy. My two favorites are the first one, that one that is such a delicate green and ruffly looking, and the last one, such an incredible bright red! And so smooth! You think that bright red one is poisonous? Someone once told me the brightly colored ones like that usually are, but I don’t really know. If that one isn’t poisonous, it missed a good chance or maybe it’s just a very good mimic of something that is! Again, I don’t know how you find the things you photograph, but they are amazing. I love to open your blog and see something I have never seen before, something I would likely never see even if I were in the same place as you. Now that I have trouble with my joints, I don’t get to see as much as I used to, so thanks for bringing all that beauty right to my desk!!

    • Joint pain is so awful! I’m sorry to hear that yours are hurting. My good friend had bad arthritis in his ankle and glucosamine chondroitin helped, but that is his experience and not mine. I’m very glad you like the photos!

      I actually have no idea what the identity of the vast majority of these mushrooms is! It could very well be poisonous…the only wild ones I eat are hen of the woods, chicken of the woods, and morels. 🙂

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