Hercules the Tractor

This is the 1941 Farmall H that I mentioned in my last post…I’ve been using it to rake hay in the field lately.  Ain’t it a beauty?  Being me, of course, I named it Hercules.  When you hit a ground hog hole, the old seat bounces you into the air, and if you push the […]

Orchard at-tractors

And now for something totally different! My friend has a bunch of really old tractors and he has been teaching me a taxonomy of tractors, of a sort. (I even got to rake hay with his 1941 Farmall H.) He’s been showing me how to identify (wild) tractors in the field based on their diagnostic […]

Awkward swimming stories

I have (more than) my fair share of awkward swimming stories.  I’ve been an avid swimmer for years, to the point where, when my lawyer sister tried to buy me a nice professional suit as a gift, we discovered that my shoulders were three sizes wider than my hips. Your body on swimming:  V When […]