Vote! (for your favourite photo)

There is a department wide arthropod photography competition and I can only submit ONE photograph. I restricted myself to photos I’ve taken this year, but I still need your help to pick one!  I’ve narrowed it down to a few options (ok 8 options)…let me know what your favourite is.  Thank you for your help!!

Augochlorini on goldenrod

(1) Augochlorini on goldenrod

Squash bee cleptoparasite

(2) Squash bee cleptoparasite

bold jumping spider Phidipus audax

(3) bold jumping spider Phidipus audax


(4) Ghost Mantis

Velvet ant

(5) Velvet ant

Mating osmia

(6) Mating osmia

bee on my shirt

(7) mining bee on my shirt

Andrena on raspberry

(8) Andrena on raspberry


17 thoughts on “Vote! (for your favourite photo)

  1. Yes it was hard as I don’t know what would appeal to a field biologist but the first picture shows that . . . creature in such detail and it’s such a lovely bronzy green against all those yellow flowers. If I could pick two it would be the fuzzy ant, never heard of such a thing!

  2. I think the Ghost Mantis shot is fantastic! It would be a very strong contender in a contest geared more towards the general public. I think the mining bee is my next favorite. I appreciate the simplicity of the background, which really allows you to focus on the individual. The squash bee has that extra something interesting that might appeal more to others in the field, though. They’re really great shots. I hope you pick the winner!

  3. The first one was my choice until I saw the mating bees. I like the first one for the sharpness even when enlarged, but the Osmia won out…(for me). Nice pictures. Can you tell me what camera you’re using? I’m looking for one that will shoot sharper videos without being a huge heavy macro lens.

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