Layers, by Lynne Santy Tanner

No winter, no!  Bad autumn!  I’m just gonna have a temper tantrum all by myself over here about the impending end of summer.



The days have grown shorter.

Crops are ripening.

On the twilit screened porch,

my brother and I shell

butter beans and field peas.

The music of the beans falling

loudly at first, then gently

as the layers deepen

almost lulls me to sleep

and soon the cicadas’ choruses

drown out everything.

This evening we picnicked

out past the railroad trestle.

I slid down the clay bank

until my pants were worn through,

and I had to be brought home,

bathed on the back porch.

None of this would be allowed

if my mother were here.

But it will be weeks before

she and father come for us

and take us back to New York City

where all of Garfield

will be scrubbed away

like the red clay dirt of summer.

– Lynne Santy Tanner

2 thoughts on “Layers, by Lynne Santy Tanner

  1. Autumn? What is this winter? We are still in summer mode and will be until late October, early November. By then we might get out of the 90s in the day time or down into the 60s at night! If you want to keep summer most of the year, you need to move much farther south!

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